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Crave It Restaurant Group was founded in 2013 by Alex Rechichi, Mark Rechichi and Sean Black. The Crave it Group has focused its efforts on strategic partnerships and brand incubation to become the operator and developer of some notable brands including Via Cibo Italian Street Food, Bangkok Buri, Stoney’s Bread Company and The Burger’s Priest.

Before the development of Crave It, the partners Co-Founded Extreme Brandz in 2001 which became the parent company of Extreme Pita, Mucho Burrito and PurBlendz with over 350 franchised restaurants across North America and Internationally.

Stephen Czetyrbok | Vice President

Under their direction Extreme Brandz was awarded the “2011 Company of the Year” award by Foodservice and Hospitality and the 2006 Pinnacle Award for Entrepreneurs of the Year. Extreme Pita has been recognized as one of the top 100 leading global franchises by Entrepreneur Magazine.

On May 28th 2013 the majority of the Extreme Brandz assets were purchased by MTY Food Group. The acquisition was the largest purchase in MTY history and considered to be one of the highest multiples paid for a Canadian Foodservice Company.

Crave it Restaurant Group is the next chapter from the partners as they seek out growth opportunities to lead the marketplace with concepts that align with their food philosophy. The Crave it Food Philosophy is centered on Slow Food Done Fast using Chef Inspired Recipes. Our kitchens go to great lengths to provide fresh and flavourful food experiences at sensible prices.

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